Hi there~
My name is Enya Rodriguez I’m a UX UI Designer from Mexico!

Since I was little I have always been creative and curious. I wanted to learn everything and when it was finally time to choose my career it was no surprise to anyone that I had a hard time. I wanted to do something that I liked and loved but also something that allows me to be creative but also to learn something new every single day. After searching and looking through all the options, I finally found one ✨

I graduated as a Graphic Design Engineer in June of 2019, with honors, a love for the web and mobile design, a ton of motivation to get better at it. One month later, I received a scholarship to Vancouver Film School and I embarked on my journey to specializing in User Experience and User Interface. I graduated again in 2020 (best year ever of course) and started a new journey. My journey as a Designer.
Design is the tool that gives us the opportunity to help people through art!
— The semi-controversial quote my dead brain thought once.
As I said I'm a person that is curious more than anything. For me, there is no such thing as a boring project. Every single one of them is a new opportunity to see life through other people's eyes, learn from their experiences, and help them to make their lives better and easier.
You can download my full CV right here!
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