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Branding and web design for BC Eats. A colaboration between VFS alumni and its parent organization Help Change my City, to create the visual identity for a new non-profit aimed to bridge the gap between urban audiences and farm communities in British Columbia.


As part of my diploma program at VFS, we were presented with a challenge to work on a real-life project. Our task involved collaborating with a non-profit organization to create digital elements aimed at promoting their message and engaging with the audience in British Columbia. The project deliverables for this client included a comprehensive brand design (logo, colors, graphic elements, etc.) with a style guide, a website design, and a promotional video.
Throughout the project, I held the role of a project manager, taking charge of client communication, understanding their needs, and facilitating effective communication between the client and the team. Additionally, I oversaw the progress and reviewed the deliverables. Besides my project management responsibilities, I actively collaborated with the designers, providing support in developing the brand identity and web design.

Project Duration

2.5 months
+ 1 month for coding (volunteering)

My Role

Project Manager
Visual Designer
Interactive Designer


2 Visual Designers
3 Interactive Designers
3 Motion Designers

Programs Used

Figma, Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Audition, InDesign, Xd.
Visual Studio Code, Source Tree,

The Problem

Farm communities have long been undervalued, often perceived as mundane places with a challenging way of life, thus overlooking their crucial role in our daily existence and the unique beauty they possess.
The challenge was to craft a brand that not only showcases BC Eats in a manner that resonates with the young adult audience and sets it apart in the urban landscape of British Columbia but also invites them to cultivate a meaningful relationship with farm communities. Our aim was to foster integration between people and the agricultural heart of British Columbia, rekindling a sense of connection and appreciation for these essential communities.

The Goal

In this project, we set out to redefine the perception of farm communities in British Columbia, shedding light on their indispensable role in our daily lives and celebrating their distinctive allure. Collaborating with BC Eats, a non-profit organization dedicated to integrating people with the farming community, our objective was to craft a brand that speaks directly to young adults and distinguishes BC Eats in the bustling urban environment. Through the creation of a dynamic and vibrant brand identity, complemented by a compelling promotional video and a user-friendly website, our aim was to captivate and educate the public about the significance of these communities. Through this holistic approach, we aspired to nurture a genuine connection and a profound appreciation for the agricultural heart of British Columbia, ultimately ensuring the enduring success of this vital industry.

Design Process

To understand the users, we engaged in discussions with the client, attentively listening to comprehend the organization's goals and vision, along with the ideas the audience had contributed to the project. Due to time constraints, conducting a formal round of user research or user testing was not feasible. However, we skillfully worked within this limitation, maximizing the use of provided information and conducting an internal research study among school students who closely matched the target audience.

After meticulously analyzing the gathered information, we commenced the conceptualization of the brand. Understanding that the style and personality of the brand would set the foundation and direction for the website and video, we began by creating a moodboard and collating key ideas to convey the desired essence. This initial concept was promptly presented to the client for their approval, ensuring alignment between the brand direction we were proposing and the goals they had in mind.

As mentioned earlier, our primary goal was to create a playful brand identity that resonates with young adults, achieved through the use of vibrant colors and visually appealing graphics.

Style Guide

As part of the deliverables, we provided the client with a comprehensive style guide booklet. This booklet encompassed all the information we had gathered and created about the brand, as well as guidelines on how to effectively and consistently utilize the design we had crafted. The style guide ensured that the brand's visual elements, colors, typography, and overall aesthetic remained cohesive across various applications, maintaining a strong and unified brand presence.

The website design process started with creating a site map based on the organization's needs. Essential pages included the Home page, providing key information, the About Us page with the mission and values, a Donation page for support, a Workshop and Events page, and a Blog page for regular updates and news. The user-friendly website encourages engagement with the organization's mission and activities.


After finalizing the site map, we proceeded to create wireframes as the foundational reference for building the website. These wireframes served as a blueprint, outlining the layout and structure of each page, ensuring a well-organized and intuitive user experience. With the wireframes in place, we could efficiently move on to the development phase, bringing the website to life based on the established design and functionality.


The high-fidelity mockups and prototyping captured the final design vision, allowing stakeholders to visualize the website's appearance and interactions accurately before the development stage. This meticulous approach ensured a seamless and efficient process for bringing the website to life while maintaining a cohesive and polished user interface.

After delivering the final design assets, I stayed closely connected with the organization, offering support throughout the website's front-end development. Our collaboration involved using HTML, CSS, and JS, with Visual Studio Code and Bitbucket for version control. I take pride in the continuous assistance I provided, not only in bringing the website to life but also in helping them on their journey to their mission.



The high-fidelity mockups and prototyping captured the final design vision, allowing stakeholders to visualize the website's appearance and interactions accurately before the development stage. This meticulous approach ensured a seamless and efficient process for bringing the website to life while maintaining a cohesive and polished user interface.


Sadly the website has been taken down recently. But if you are interested you can still explore a portion of the code on this GitHub repository ;)

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What I Learned?

This school project has been a significant learning experience that went beyond the deliverables. It taught me valuable lessons in team and project management, client communication, and honed my design and development skills. Throughout the project, including the creation of this case study, I've grown immensely in both technical and social aspects. It has been a transformative journey, instilling a sense of accomplishment and preparedness for future endeavors.
While proud of both, my and I, for the results considering our knowledge at the time, I recognize areas for improvement. Still, this experience holds a deep personal connection, and I eagerly look forward to applying the lessons learned in future projects.